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How do you live in your space?
What are your needs?
What do you consider beautiful?


It is not always necessary to start from scratch to get exactly what you want in your home. Whether it is reworking your current floor plan or finding your “project home” we have the expertise to help you through this process every step of the way.  We always work through the best possible options for you and your family and really study what can work with the budget.



Every project starts at the site. Living in Chattanooga, we are used to varying terrains and love to push the limits of design, always considering the unique landscapes of each site we work with first and foremost.  We are constantly in search of great properties for our next project but are also open to working with you on your existing land to construct your dream home. From construction plans to finishes, we guide you through the process to ensure a seamless design + build experience.

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